A Travel Organisation

Attracting staff who can sell and still provide a safe flying experience

The Situation

With rising fuel costs, increased competition in the ‘value’ airline sector and internet-savvy customers selecting on price, the organisation needed to attract and retain cabin crew who can maximise in-flight SALES whilst maintaining SAFE operating procedures.

The Challenges

To recruit and retain cabin crew who are motivated to sell yet maintain rigid safety procedures – a potential recruitment paradox. To achieve the right balance of over and under-servicing passengers so that in-flight sales are maximised and passengers want to fly again with the airline.

The Solution

Profile top talent in the role using Saviio talentMAPs to produce an ideal motivational profile for the job role. Select, interview, recruit and motivate using this profile.

Re-invent the cabin-experience for passengers and crew by changing the language and behaviour of all cabin crew.

Investment in Saviio c£50k over 6 months.

Further opportunities to provide portable on demand training devices, content and analytics to improve access to training and product information for cabin crew

The Outcomes

Average increase of 17% of in-flight sales across all routes (where changes have been implemented).

Cabin crew report they are more motivated to sell and ‘love’ the new guidelines on language and behaviour.

A commitment to roll-out Saviio for all job roles and to implement in-flight changes across all routes

Return on Investment: Savings on improving retention c£100k – In-flight sales up 17%.