Hire for Attitude

Translated into 16 languages, Saviio MAPs is the latest online service that enables you to gain an accurate insight into the link between staff attitude, motivation and performance.

Highly graphical and intuitive, Saviio MAPs will help you quickly “MAP” talent profiles that predict success in your organisation.    With this insight, you will make more informed decisions when hiring, coaching, restructuring teams or performance managing your staff.

Why is staff-attitude vital to success in business?

In a 2011-survey of over 20,000 new hires – 46% of all new hires fail within their first 18 months. But there’s something more: 89% fail for attitudinal reasons – not skills.

The attitudes for which organisations should hire are not abstract or based on a theoretical ideal, but rather are just the characteristics that separate high and low performers.

Low performers struggle with those attitudes are typically rejected by the culture. But those companies’ attitudes are very different from each other. They couldn’t successfully copy each other’s attitudes. Every company has to discover the attitudes that make their organisation unique and special.  This is what Saviio MAPs will do for you.