How It Works

Saviio MAPs helps individuals to make informed decisions – using predictive data to support ‘gut feel’.

People make unconscious judgments about the people they meet. Unconscious filters form our judgments that we develop to allow us to handle and respond to the high level of information and stimuli that we receive every moment of every day. These filters are called metaprograms (a program-within-a-program).


Saviio MAPs helps managers to understand the motivational preferences of team members and responds to meet those needs – people that feel understood feel valued and are more likely to stay. People generally leave managers – not organisations.

People want to feel that they will be doing a job that matters to them and where they will have ‘significance’ – it matters to others too.


Saviio MAPs helps inform the dialogue between manager, coach and individual in ways that help people feel that they belong to something more than just a means to provide income.

People want to be part of something and feel that they “fit in” and belong.


Saviio MAPs helps managers to secure and develop people within their organisation.

Once people feel that they ‘fit in’ and feel part of something that matters to them, they gain more intrinsic motivation from their job, feel more engaged, and are less open to changing their situation.