Saviio MAPs

In 2005 we created Saviio MAPs (Motivations And Preferences survey) as an online “always on” survey tool to help our clients improve employee engagement by providing insight into what matters most when people work together.

We now have established a loyal client base in over 16 countries that uses Saviio MAPs every day to add value to the decisions made when recruiting and onboarding people.

• We help improve the recruitment and onboarding of successful people.
• We help cut the cost of recruitment.
• We help improve employee engagement.


By providing fresh insight to people at work that what really matters is how to create a working climate that plays to each persons’ strengths – their motivations and preferences.

So, how is this approach different from other profiling tools?

Most psychometric profiling tools assess the individual’s personality and compare the person with a normed benchmark – comprising of a collection of anonymous people who have completed the same survey in the past. Somewhere else.

Not Saviio MAPs.

We compare the motivational drivers of individuals with their manager, their team and their colleagues – and with people who are rather good in a similar role too.

In the here and now – not the there and then.

What matters most is providing insight to both the manager AND the employee so that they can improve mutual understanding around each other’s motivations and preferences.