The Science

The underlying science supporting Saviio MAPs is based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Metaprograms. Metaprograms are filters that determine how we perceive the world around us, and they have a major influence on how we communicate with others and the behaviours we manifest. Meta means over, beyond, above, or on a different level – i.e. operating at an unconscious level.

Metaprograms are deep-rooted mental programs, which automatically filter our experience and guide and direct our thought processes, resulting in significant differences in behaviour from person to person.

They define typical patterns in the strategies or thinking styles of an individual, group, company or culture

In Saviio MAPs we extract data on 12 Metaprograms and group them into 4 Factors.
Metaprograms are unconscious filters that we develop to allow us to handle and respond to the high level of information and stimuli that they receive every moment of every day.
Metaprograms are patterns of motivation and working. They drive where we put our attention, what we respond to and what motivates us. They shape how we interact with others.
They are our preferred way of thinking and operating. These patterns run behind the scenes, just like computer software – so automatic that we most likely don’t realise they are there.
Exhibiting a particular set of Metaprograms in a specific context does not imply that we have the same pattern in all contexts (e.g. at work or at home).
Metaprograms may change over time as we learn new information.
Being at one end of the spectrum or in the middle is not better than the others.

Saviio MAPs pinpoints an individuals’ range of Metaprograms and helps to compare with others to improve communication and work together well to achieve successful outcomes.