An International Executive Search and Headhunting Firm

Changing the Conversation

The Situation

The international recruitment sector experienced squeezed margins, increased competition and fewer vacancies since the global economic changes in 2008 and afterwards.  The pressure was even more intense to ensure that candidates selected for vacancies were not just a good skill-match but a great culture-match too.  All clients now expect underwriting the risk associated with placement.  Getting it right was a financial imperative.

The Challenges

To differentiate the firm’s offer from the increasing competition and still provide a relevant services that clients value.

To provide a seamless cross-border service with high levels of consistency and quality.

To redefine the engagement process from self-orientation – recruitment to client and candidate outcomes – retention and risk reduction.

The Solution

Provide all consultants with access to Saviio MAPs to use with all clients and candidates in their language of choice.

Empower consultants by enabling self-service 24/7 access to use Saviio MAPs analytics in their languages of choice to compare and rank data in real time.

Communicate these changes to clients and candidates using their outcomes and business langauage and ROI data related to each assignment.

The Outcomes

Increased cross-border assignments and the opening of new offices to service these needs in Scandinavia, Europe and the Far East

Improved volume of repeat business – one measure of client satisfaction.

The adoption by the firm of Saviio MAPs as a strategic tool for engaging with clients in the sales and production processes.